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Serving South Eastern Wisconsin

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Magic Touch is a
Network Owned and Operated Business!

Magic Touch is a network owned and operated carpet cleaning and restoration business. We have been in operation since 1998 and continue to grow. We understand the value our customers are looking for and we are experienced in fulfilling their expectations. We understand

that they want value along with quality. With Magic Touch you get both and we are dedicated to continue doing that. We will not leave your job until you are satisfied.

In an effort to fully satisfy our customers, Magic Touch has highly trained and continuously educated employees. They routinely attend classes to maintain certification. Often times these classes are held on our own campus as Magic Touch has become a certified affiliate for organized learning through the IICRC and MCRA organizations.

Magic Touch is dedicated to serving all of our southeast Wisconsin service area, but we also have a soft spot for fellow humans in need as we traveled to areas affected by natural disasters. We were able to support those in need as they were devastated by Hurricanes Charlie, Francis, Jean, Katrina, and Wilma. It was our experience to be ever so fortunate, yet humbled to be able to help people that needed our help so badly. Our technicians and specialists embarked on a journey to help restore shattered homes and broken lives. In the midst of doing so, they also offered an honest and true sense of security that people would be taken care of – there was an extra hope and comfort with our presence. As each day passed and supplies or access in some cases were limited, their spirits became lifted and renewed as was the case with many of our technicians that were participants in these experiences. They felt an honest and true thankfulness - no words were necessary, but you could see the gratitude in their eyes and hear the sincerity in their words.

  • Member of IICRC
  • Member and Board Director of MCRA (formerly AWCC)
  • Grafton Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Saukville Chamber of Commerce
  • West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Ozaukee B.E.A.N.
  • Member of Saukville Historical Society
  • Saukville Lions Club Member


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